Pop-Up! Local! Collective!



  1. Who are you, what do you want?
    > We are a pop-up collective that is running a food delivery service. We want to do what we actually kind of love; deliver by bike.
  2. What is a pop-up collective?
    > Yes.
  3. What does Kolyma2 mean?
    > It is the name of a support actor in Burn After Reading, here.
  4. How can I order?
    > Here! Signup via Email or Facebook login and let's go. Alternatively you can download the App from Playstore or Appstore.
  5. How do I pay?
    > Credit card or Giropay.
  6. Is there a minimum order value?
    > Yes, around 20€.
  7. Is there a delivery fee?
    > Yes, depends on the restaurant, between 3€ and 7€, usually around 3€.
  8. Why is the delivery fee higher than with Lieferando?
    > Cause we don't have investor money and need to survive.
  9. Why you do that?
    >Because it is also fun.
  10. I run a restaurant and would like to join you!
    > Great! Send an email to hello@kolyma2.de or give us a call +49 175 992 01 41.
  11. Can you reveal the conditions for the restaurants?
    > Yes, find them here!
  12. I like to ride a bike and I would like to earn money doing it, I also like collectives. Can I join?
    > Sure. Send a mail to hello@kolyma2.de.