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  1. How do the delivery areas work?
    > Each district is autonomously managed by a group which receives all profits of the deliveries.
  2. What about the tips I sent via PayPal?
    > So the tips.
  3. Completely?
    > Yes.
  4. Is there a minimum order value?
    > Yes, it's about 20€.
  5. Do you charge a delivery fee?
    > Yes, 3€ will be added to the total price.
  6. Why 3€ delivery fee?
    > The Deliveroo delivery fee was 2,90€. And from the beginning we were three people in the collective! 3€ is easier to divide.
  7. Whats the delivery zone?
    > We deliver to any place in Berlin that makes sense. Our first order was a 7 kilometer distance to Köölnische Heide.
  8. Does that even make sense economically?
    > No.
  9. Then why do you do it?
    > It's just fun for now.
  10. Lieferando is cheaper!
    > That's not a question. But, we are cooler, more human and much more.

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